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Clash&Clash Photography Blog

Red Paddle, ecommerce, product photography, photography studio, plymouth, devon, photography, paddleboarding, SUP
Red Paddle Co: Shooting Large Products

Several months ago I was approached by Red Paddle Co and asked to take a quick e- commerce product image of there 10ft 6 inflatable paddle board that would be used for e-commerce purposes. Only sending one item and requiring one image was a relatively straight forward task and using a lighting setup I had…

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Bric, Luggage, Photography, Plymouth, Devon, Travel
Bespoke Product Photography

Recently at Clash & Clash Photography we had the privilege to shoot again for Bric Luggage, providing them with top quality imagery to be used in the latest publication of ‘Cruise International’. The images we provided are to be used to promote a competition in which the luggage set we photographed is the prize. Know your customer The…

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